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  • The Parish Nurse: Providing a Minister of Health for Your Congregation, Granger E. Westberg and Jill Westberg McNamara, Augsburg Fortress, 1990 — Although this book is 15 years old, it remains a classic for outlining the theory behind the development of the idea of parish nursing.
  • Parish Nurse - Promoting Whole Person Health Within Faith Communities, Phyllis Ann Solari-Twadell and Mary Ann McDermott, eds., Sage, 1999
  • The Essential Parish Nurse: ABCs for Congregational Health Ministry, Deborah L. Patterson, The Pilgrim Press, 2003
  • Parish Nursing: Stories of Service and Care, Verna Brenner Carson and Harold G. Koenig, Templeton Press, 2011


A Network of Care, by Lori Haugen
How two parish nurse collaborated between Maryland and Tucson, Arizona to help a family "facing dire health situations on both ends.

Holistic healing: Parish Nurses Care for Body, Mind and Spirit

Leading a Congregation Through Change
 This is very helpful article, written by Carol DeSchepper, our ELPNA Executive Director.  A must read for any congregation considering introducing a Parish/Faith Community Nurse Program. Click here to read the article

For more information from experienced Parish Nurses contact:

Carol DeSchepper, Executive Director: cjdeschepper@gmail.com, or

        Lucina Kimpel, President  Kimpel10@gmail.com

For speakers on beginning a health ministry in your congregation, E-mail: elpna.national@gmail.com

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