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Donor Recognition Page

We are grateful to the following donors who have made gifts to support the Mission of LFCNA.  The donors are acknowledged according to the requested use of their gifts.   

Churchwide or Synod Events - support expenses related to having a presence:
Carol DeSchepper
Cindy Bernard

Congregation Grants - to start or expand FCN ministry:
Margaret (Margie) V. Kay - in honor of Carol DeSchepper's ministry

Memorial Gifts for Eileen Weller, Parish Nurse - Designated for funding Congregational Grants
David Weller
Sharon Gamm
Bill and Cathy Simpkins
Ruth Bloesl
Felicia Niermann
Carolyn and John Fredriksen
George Weller - in memory of our dear sister-in-law, Eileen Weller. Her deep concern for everyone is a model for all of us
Margaret Phillips
Gretchen and John Emmerich
Ruth Wood - a wonderful and inspiring parish nurse at Memorial Lutheran Church years ago. Mostly a very dear person and friend.
Ruth Biggs
Paul and Jane Schmidt
Melissa McDade
Marlene Cook
Beth Gerholt
Reverend Jonathan Breimeier and family
Cengys Corporation (Matching gift) 

Education Fund - helps sponsor continuing education events for Faith Community Nurses and others:
Phyllis Bruce - In memory of Valborg Tollefsrud, an amazing and dedicated parish nurse.
Beverly Nefstead Nelsen, St. Olaf College Alumnus
Oak Leaf Lutheran Church, Kerrick, MN

Valborg Tollefsrud Fund - supports an annual educational event:
St. Olaf Nursing Alumni Class of 1965 in honor of Valborg and in recognition of her 90th birthday
Annette Langdon - In memory of Valborg Tollefsrud
Melanie Simpkins - in memory of Valborg Tollefsrud.  Celebrating a beautiful life that touched so many through her parish nursing, St. Olaf Nursing Program, and the Army.
Connie and Marty Brennan
Deborah and Thomas Haney

Carol DeSchepper - In memory of a beautiful, Godly woman who mentored us well.
Beverly Nefstead Nelsen, St. Olaf College Alumnus
Renee Compo
June Sand
Marie Wiegert
Marilee Tollefson
- Valborg was my favorite St. Olaf faculty member, a mentor for my Army nursing career, and my role model in Parish Nursing. 
Stacey Wilson - In memory of Valborg Tollefsrud
elissa BerthelsenIn honor of Valborg Tollefsrud. She served faithfully. She mentored with love and sincere compassion. She modeled care for her neighbors near and far and she shared the love of Christ in every opportunity.

Undesignated - supports LFCNA where funds are most needed:
Immanuel Lutheran Church, Centralia, WA
Carol DeSchepper
Yvette Dulohery

Phyllis Bruce - In memory of Marodie Nielsen, who was a wonderful nurse and caregiver. She was resourceful in advocating for her husband's care through the VA system. She was proactive in moving to the type of housing where her and her husband could remain together while receiving the care they both needed. She was a dear friend and beautiful example of faithfulness and hope in the face of adversity.
Ruth Manchester - In honor of Carol DeSchepper who has done so much to support the organization and further our cause!
Sue Ann Glusenkamp
Lydia Volz
Marcia Smith
Andrea (Andy) West
Christ Lutheran Church of Hellertown, Hellertown, PA. -- 2023 and 2024
Sondra Weinzierl
Connie and Marty Brennan
Leslie Hollowell
Phyllis Bruce
Rebecca Rabb
Annette Langdon - in memory of Lydia Volz
Renee Compo - in memory of Lydia Volz
Carol DeSchepper - in memory of Lydia Volz
Brenda Bauer - in memory of Lydia Volz
Becky Hulden - in memory of Lydia Volz

In-kind Gifts: We are unable to acknowledge all of the in-kind gifts given to LFCNA over the years, but we are beginning to recognize them on this donor page.  Please accept our apologies and sincere thanks for all of your time and leadership given to LFCNA.  We are grateful for all you have shared. 

Financial Support to be Present at ELCA Events: The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America 

Offering an LFCNA Presence at Events:

Vicki J. Carlson, Region 9
Kathy Conrad, Region 7
Carol DeSchepper, Region 5
Deborah Frusciano, Region 2
Carol Harding, Region 8
Cindy Harris, Region 2

Anita Huntley, Region 1
Ruth Manchester, Region 8

Nancy Roberts, Region 9
Marilee, Tollefson, Region 8
Marie Wiegert, Region 3
PJ Musser, Region 6
Judi Schwerin, Region 3
Cynthia Kinzley, Region 3
Sandy Reifsteck, Region 5
Tara Orley, Region 1
Margie Kay, Region 8
Marilee Tollefson, Region 8
Jean Bokinskie, Region 3

Current Board Members: Norah Bertschy, Phyllis Bruce, Vicki Carlson, Renee Compo, Carolyn Crowe, Ellen Ellickson, Deborah Frusciano, Anita Huntley, Barb Keil, Lu Kimpel, Michelle Knapp, Ruth Manchester, Mary Ann Mette, Janet Mortinsen, Enid Rank, Nancy Roberts, Rose Sutkins, Marilee Tollefson, and Marie Wiegert. 

Past Board Members: Norma Anderson, Deloris Bills, Linda Case, Carol DeSchepper, Sue Ann Glusenkamp, Becky Hulden, Marilyn Johnson, Marilyn Kranich, Mana Masters, June Sand, Karen Setzer, Sheryl Stenseth, Maureen Swanson, Lori Tormey, and Andrea (Andy) West.

Current committee Members (non-board): Jean Bokinskie, Margie Kay, Donna Kleister, Louise Nesdahl, Judi Schwerin, Melanie Simpkins, Connie Squibb, Carmen Stephens, Carla Swanson, and Diana Weyhenmeyer. 

Past Committee Members: Joanne Arneberg, Nancy Deetz

Other Leadership Functions: Tammy Devine, Mary Jo Hallberg, Annette Langdon, and Karen Treat

Last updated:  05/27/2024

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