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Informational Videos

Parish Nursing at Peace Lutheran Church Ft. Myers, Florida
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The Spirit of Healing: Faith Community Nursing, A Speciality Practice of Nursing
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Produced by AdvocateHealthCare. Published on Jan 23, 2018

Funding Resources

William's Wishes
MISSION Statement: William's Wishes seeks to seed the development of new faith-based Health Ministries and Parish Nurse (also called Faith Community Nurse) programs, and to provide sustainability for those faith-based Health Ministries and Parish Nurse programs who are desirous of expanding the scope of their ministries. Through this mission, William's Wishes hopes to increase the number of individuals who receive the benefits of such programs and experience wholeness in mind, body, and spirit even when a cure may not be available. Matching grants up to $1,000 to either seed or sustain a health ministry and/or health ministry-related project are available. email:

ELPNA Region 3 Parish, Faith Community Start-up Grants
The ELPNA will provide start-up funds for congregations in Region 3 (MN, SD, ND). Congregations can request up to $500.00 as a start-up grant. The target is 2-3 Lutheran congregations who would like to start or develop a parish nurse program within their faith community. The grant is often used for the potential Parish Nurse to attent a Foundations Course. Contact: Becky Hulden, for further information.  Click here for the application form.

ELPNA Grants for Parish/Faith Community Nurses in other Regions
Grants are available through contacting the Regional Respresentative. To find your specific Region click here Then proceed to that Region under "News from the Regions". The Representative(s) name will be listed there with her contact information.


Lutheran Church Missouri Synod Parish Nurse Newsletter and Health Information
Parish Nurse Newsletter

Partners in Health Newsletter from Holy Cross Health, Silver Spring, MD
Holy Cross Faith Community Nurse Program Winter 2017 issue of Partners in Health
This has excellent information and is an example of what Parish/Faith Community Nurses can do to reach out to people in their area.

Speakers, Workshop Presenters
Deacon Tammy Devine
Devine Coaching ICF certified, Health,Healing,Wholeness
Retreat Facilitator, One to One Coaching (Telephonic), Small Group and Cohort Coaching, Consulting for a Healthier Culture