News from Region Nine

Region 9 icludes Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina,
Southeastern Synod, Florida-Bahamas, Caribbean Synod


Nancy                                   Marilyn
Nancy Roberts                                           Marilyn Kranich                                         
Lee Health Parish Nurse Manager,                 Parish Nurse Prince of Peace
 & Parish Nurse Christ Lutheran Church        Lutheran Church, Ft. Myers, FL
Cape Coral, FL                                                 

Please Note: Grants are available for churches starting a new Parish Nurse Ministry.  Contact the above Representatives for information.

Greetings to all our Region 9
Parish/Faith Community Nurses

Nancy and Marilyn are in conversation with Florida Bahamas Synod Bishop Pedro Suarez to begin discussing need to locate existing parish nurses in the Synod. Many have retired, and new nurses are begining their ministry. The hope is that the Synod will assist in keeping a roster of ELCA Lutheran nurses in the Synod.

Lee Health Health Classes and Conference information:
For questions call:  239-343-5182






 Updated 8/18