News from Region Seven

Region 7 includes New Jersey, New England, New York, Slovak Zion Synod, Northweastern Pennsylvania, and Southeastern Pennsylvania.

 Greetings to all our Region 7
Parish/Faith Community Nurses

There is currently no Regional Representative for Region 7.  If you are in Region 7, we would still love to hear from from you.  Please contact Phyllis Bruce, Communications Chair at

We are praying for a Parish Nurse in Region 7 to step up and volunteer to serve as a National Board Representative.  Please contact the National Chair, Carol DeSchepper for further information.

Grants are available for churches starting a new Parish Nurse Ministry.  Please contact the above representative for information.

You can find helpful resources for your church at the Church Health Center's website -  If you are looking for a Foundations of FCN course, you can find information about the ones coming up there also.  


Updated 1/19