News from Region Five
Region 5 includes:
     Northern Great Lakes

Repesentatives are:

Michelle Knapp,    
                              Susan Richards,
Chicago, IL                                           Madison WI                    

Please Note:  Grants are available for churches starting a Parish Nurse Ministry. Contact one of the above Respresenatives for information.

                                                        Region 5 News

Greetings Region 5 - Faith Community Nurses ! 


You can find helpful resources for your church here on ELPNA website and at the Church Health Center's website -  If you are looking for a Foundations of FCN course, you can find information about the ones coming up there too!


With the help of the list of churches in Region 5 on the ELCA website, I've been looking for the parish nurses in our region by looking at church websites.  If you know of parish nurses, please let me know so I might reach out to them.


Please send me news about what's going on in your area of Region 5 so we can publicize the events for you here on the website.  Is there anyone out there who would like to help organize a gathering for faith community nurses in our region?  Let me know.

Blessings to you and your ministry!

Michelle Knapp RN    -     newly retired (after 28 years)!  Advocate Health Care Faith Community Nurse                                     
                                           Ebenezer Lutheran Church & Immanuel Lutheran Church                               
                                           Chicago, Illinois
                                           cell (773) 936-4751

Updated 6/18