Region 4 includes:
     Arkansas-Oklahoma Synod
     Nebraska-Central States Synod
     Northern Louisiana
     Northern Texas
     Southwestern Texas
     Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast Synods

Representatives are:
     Carolyn Crowe, St. Louis, MO, ccrowe@sbcglobal.net
     Norma Anderson, Chesterfield, MO, norma.anderson@swbell.net
     Lucina (Lu) Kimpel, Austin, TX, kimpel10@gmail.com

Grants are available for churches starting a Parish Nurse Ministry.  Contact one of the above Representatives for information.

WELCA Retreat

 The synod's Women of the ELCA group is hosting a retreat on "Racial Justice and the Church: A How To on Healthy Conversations" from Friday, February 16 to Sunday, February 18 at the Episcopal Retreat Center on Mustang Island. 

Many  have been thinking about this topic and how to approach issues of racial justice in the world today, so this is an excellent opportunity to continue that work if you have felt called to it. I have heard great things about the leaders of this event...as well as about the venue. I wish I could attend, myself, but I have a prior commitment.

A registration form is attached, if you are interested. I know at least one Peace member is hoping to attend, and it's always a little more fun and a little less intimidating to go with a person (or people) you know!

I hope some might be able to attend this event and perhaps return with some wisdom to share with those of us who may be interested but unable to go ourselves.

In Peace,
Pastor Carolyn

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 You can find helpful resources for your church at the Church Health Center's website -  www.churchhealth.org.  If you are looking for a Foundations of FCN course, you can find information about the ones coming up there also.

Please send us news about what's going on in your area of Region 4 so we can publicize the events for you here on the website. 

 Updated 1/27/18