News from Region Two

 Region 2 includes Sierra Pacific, Southwest California, Pacifica Synod, Grand Canyon, and Rocky Mountain Synods.


                             Karen Setzer, Golden, CO

Greetings!  I'm Karen, born in Illinois, but have lived in Colorado since Jr. High.  Married 53 years to Fred, and have 2 children and 2 grandchildren who live nearby (so fortunate!)
I began my nursing career as a Psych nurse, then did Family Practice office nursing until I heard about Parish Nursing, which seemed perfect for me - a combination of 2 things I loved to do - nursing and working in God's kingdom.  I served as Parish Nurse at Faith Lutheran in Golden for 15 years,  also establishing the Golden Family of Churches Health Ministries (9 Christian Churches doing ministry together) during that time.  I retired, but continue on the Health Ministries team, the GFCHM  team,  and as a member of this board, which helps me stay connected, informed, and able to encourage other nurses to find their passion for Parish Nursing/Faith Community Nursing.


Greetings from the Evangelical Lutheran Parish Nurse Association (ELPNA

We have an exciting opportunity for Lutheran congregations who would like to start or develop a parish nurse ministry within their faith community. Members of the ELPNA have long been supportive of new parish nurse ministry start-ups and are acutely aware of the challenging financial situations of congregations. In response to this need, the ELPNA will annually provide start-up funds for a minimum of two (2) Lutheran congregations. Congregations can request up to $500.00 as a start-up grant.

For more information and application form

Education Programs

The following are Educational Partners with the Church Health Center and provide the Foundations of Faith Community Nursing Course.  As you will notice, there are several courses scheduled at this time, but included is the contact information for the course coordinator for each site.  You can contact them directly for dates of the next course.

1. California
  ~  Steps to Empowerment, Contact Person:  Marion DePuit,
  ~  John Muir Health, Contact Person:  Marion DePuit, Marion.
  ~  Community Hospital of Monterey Peninsula, Contact Person:  Alijandra Cruz-Taylor,
  ~  Azusa Pacific University School of Nursing, Contact Person: Deborah Ringen,

2.  Colorado - Colorado Parish Nurse Education Consortium, Contact Person:  Cyndy Wacker,   

3.  New Mexico - Prebysterian Hospital/New Mexico Parish Nurse Network, Contact Person:  Amy Bubbico,

4.  Wyoming - Wyoming Health Council, Contact Person:  Amy Hubbard,
     Contact Amanda Hubbard,, 307-632-3640.   Contact hours:  38.


Information Request:

We would like to identify all Lutheran parish nurses working in congregations of Region Two.  Please send an e-mail with your information to Karen so she can keep an updated list of Lutheran parish nurses in this region.

We have available money to provide displays for synod meetings if you are interested in presenting the concept of parish nursing to various groups within your synod.  Just let us know how we can help.





 Updated 8/19