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January 2019 - Influenza - Flu shot myths and prevention tips.

February 2019 - Women and Heart Disease

March 2019 - Healthy Eating

April 2019   Organ Donation

May 2019 - Stroke Prevention

Stroke Risk Assessment
Up to 80 percent of strokes are preventable, and many of the risk factors are controllable. Take Advocate Aurora Health's online Stroke Risk Assessment to estimate your chance of experiencing one and learn about the ways you could minimize it.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has confirmed that ongoing measles outbreaks in 22 states has led to the highest number of cases reported nationwide since the disease was declared eliminated in this country in 2000. Measles is not a harmless childhood illness, but a highly contagious, potentially life-threatening disease. We have the ability to safely protect our children and our communities. Vaccines are a safe, highly effective public health solution that can prevent this disease. See a statement from HHS Secretary Alex Azar here.  Here is an infographic you can print or post for your members.

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Helping Those who are Grieving

Here is a two part Newsletter topic that was written by Sondra Weinzierl, Assistaint Chair, Board of Directors, Region 3.  She offered to share this on our web site for other Parish/Faith Community Nurses to use in their congregations. Thank you Sondra!!
Click here to download the Newletter articles, both Parts One and Two.

Healing Service Bulletins

These Healing Service Bulletins  were developed by Phyllis Bruce for the Healing Services at her church.  They folow a basic template with changes in music and scripture readings, and a focus on seasonal services.  You are welcome to revise them according to your need and faith traditions. If you use the hymns in the Service to Honor Caregiving and Caregivers, be sure you have the proper copyright permission for your church.

Template for General Healing Service - Fill in your own Scripture and music.

November: A Service of Thanksgiving and Healing

December: Advent Service of Remembrance, Hope and Healing (Blue Christmas)

March:  A Small Group Service of Healing for Repentance, Prayer and Meditation for Lent Using Lectio Devina and Anointing with Oil
                    Explaination of how to use Lectio Devina in small groups

May: A Service to Honor Caregiving and Care Givers

Prayer Cards

This prayer card is formated to make a double sided card.  Print the two pages, then copy them on card stock making a double sided card.  They can now be cut to make four cards.  Give them to members of your visitation teams, Befrienders, etc., or use them to give to those you visit, after reading the verse and prayer to them. 

                     Click here to open the prayer card

ELPNA Display Pictures
You may use these pictures to make your own display for special meetings like Synod Assemblies, WELCA meetings, or for your own church.



Program Ideas

JOY- Jesus, Others, and You
Having Balance in your Life
by Linda Graffius, Faith Community Nurse and Coordinator of Care and Health Ministry at Luther Memorial Church, Erie, PA
           As you know, there is a huge initiative being conducted about fall prevention for seniors and the elderly. I became inspired to conduct a class here at my church, Luther Memorial, in Erie, PA. I knew that I would need help formatting and conducting this class, so I contacted the Physical Therapy department at a local university, Gannon. The head of that department along with a Physical Therapist from the Visiting Nurse Association and I met to discuss the possibility of having class. They were very excited.

             We set up a 6 week program, consisting of 3 classes in November and 3  in December. The attendance was anywhere from 8 to 16, with participants ranging in age from 60 to 90. It was wonderful to have such experts as instructors. We did not advertise this a balance, fall prevention class, hence the name JOY, and some participants said they wouldn’t have attended if we had. Many people think that a fall won’t happen to them.
The class schedule was as follows

  • Week 1: Assessment of participants, including vital signs, physical ability assessments including posture and strength and balance. The subjects for the following classes were also discussed.
  • Week 2: The Tale of Miss Penny Posture and The Kitchen Sink Purse: This class presented posture pitfalls and exercises to correct them we also weighed the purses (with everything but the kitchen sink in them) of the women in attendance and talked about how detrimental a heavy purse is to you balance. Of course, the men felt left out.
  • Week 3: These Boots Were Made for Walking: The Physical Therapy graduate students helped with modeling of the proper and improper shoes
  • and boots to wear. We also talked about vision and falls.
  • Week 4: One Pill Two Pill Red Pill Blue Pill: A church member, who is a Pharmacist, came in and talked about the importance of the proper handling of medications, their side effects and record keeping. We also discussed, 8 Glasses a Day Keeps the Falls Away and the importance of keeping hydrated as you age.
  • Week 5: Who Pulled the Rug Out From Under Me? And Who Is Afraid of the Big Bad Fall? We talked about the danger of throw rugs, pets that get in our way and safety measures for the home. And, how the fear of falling can interfere with your balance.
  • Week 6: Re-Assessment and Program Evaluation: We did not have to do a complete re-assessment on everyone because many were within the normal parameters. The re-assessments that were done did show improvement in the participants. We also discussed what the participants learned to keep them safe in their homes for a longer period of time.

Each week a gift was given to the participants, i.e. night lights, flashlights, a magnifying glass, stress balls. They were also given a list of exercises for Good Posture=Good Balance=Less Falls.
The evaluations completed by the participants showed excellent satisfaction results.

Leading a Congregation Through Change
This is very helpful article, written by Carol DeSchepper, our ELPNA National Board of Directors Chairperson.  A must read for any congregation considering introducing a Parish/Faith Community Nurse Program. 
Click here
to read the article


Power Point Presentation
"Using the Visual Arts in Parish Nurisng Practice"

Ruth Manchester presented "Using the Visual Arts in Parish Nurisng Practice" at the recent Health Ministries Association conference in College Park, MD. The first slides were just shown with background music (listed on the separate attachment) as a reflection exercise. Then she spoke about how Parish Nurses/FCNs might do some of the ideas she presented in their practice. If you have questions, you may contact her at

Download and view the PowerPoint slideshow

List of Slide Illustrations related to PowerPoint



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