Organizational Information

The Evangelical Lutheran Parish Nurse Association (ELPNA) is a nonprofit membership organization comprised of registered nurses who are affiliated with an ELCA or other Lutheran congregation. It was founded in 2004, with the first membership list including 65 nurses in the Minneapolis and St. Paul Area Synods of Minnesota. The membership is open to Registered Nurses who have completed a Parish Nurse Preparation class and are paid/unpaid/retired staff with an ELCA or other Lutheran congregation.

To provide leadership in fostering the spiritual growth and development of Parish Nurses, promote the expansion of this ministry into more congregations, and strengthen the Parish Nurse presence within the Synods.

Meet our National Board of Directors

Click Here for the list of our 2018 Board of Directors

Carol DeSchepper, Chair
  Lake Park, IA (Region 3)
Pastor Sylvia
Pastor Sylvia from Namibia with Board Member Ruth Manchester, Silver Spring, MD (Region 8)
Marilee TollefsonMarilee Tollefson,
Silver Spring MD (Region 8)

Andy West, Secretary,
Centennial, Colorado (Region 2)

Phyllis Bruce, Membership Chair,
Minneapolis, MN (Region 3)

Nancy Roberts,
Cape Coral, FL (Region 9)

  June Sand               Karen Setzer       Marilyn Johnson
      June Sand, Treasurer                 Karen  Setzer                 Marilyn Johnson
   St. Paul, MN (Region 3)                  Golden, CO (Region 2)   Vancouver, WA (Region 1)
Cindy Harris                       Nancy Deetz 
Cindy Harris                                             Nancy Deetz                                       
Tucson, AZ (Region 2)                             Owatonna, MN Region 3     


National Board of Directors Yearly Goals

2017 Goals

  1. Seek opportunities to publicize the value and experiences of Faith Community Nurses throughout the ELCA and nursing publications.
  2. Expand the website to include appropriate resources and links to national websites plus links between various ELCA websites.
  3. Increase ELPNA Membership by 10% over that of 2016 (12 new members).
  4. Recruit board members for Region 7 and all regions that currently have only one representative on the board.
  5. Explore the feasibility of replicating the Region 3 scholarship program in other regions and/or explore positive uses of regional funds in each region.
  6. Evaluate the format and use of the ELPNA brochure to more effectively use the brochure and allow for adding contact information for regional reps or others.

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
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September 2017
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November 2017

National By Laws Approved

National Board of Directors has the responsibility of being sure the Bylaws are current with the status of our ELPNA Organization.  We are a work in progress and have been steadily moving forward.  Originally, the By Laws were developed from the Bylaws of Region 3. As you remember, the national organization evolved from Region 3. The national organization has grown to the point where it is now time to separate the Bylaws. The national organization's Bylaws allow regions to have their own bylaws specific to the region which is reflected to the added section in Article XIII, Section 13.3. For a complete copy of the updated By Laws approved March 18, 2016 Click here.


Are you a Lutheran Parish Nurse but not a member of the ELPNA? Join today! 


To become a member or renew your membership, download and print out the
Membership Form found in the "Join us" menu.
Send the filled-out membership form and dues to: ELPNA, PO Box 8117, St Paul, MN 55118. And while you are online, have a look at this websit

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